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R22 ή L22

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R22 ή L22

Device Length (mm): 1255

Maximum Opening Width(m): 1,0

Maximum Door Height (m): 6,0

Air Supply (m^3/h): 3050

Air Outlet Speed (m/sec): 14/12


Air curtains simple or heated. They are distinguished in those of low flow, they are also regulated by wired or wireless controller. Using them saves energy and creates a barrier to insects, dust, odors, pollution and moisture. They have a variety of models and are selected depending on the height and width of the opening we want to control, as well as the type of application (space, function, etc.).

The distinction R or L refers to the position of the motor, which is single-axle on the side, or C, which refers to the types with a double-axle motor, ie the motor in the center. Their supply voltage is 220V / 50Hz or 380V / 50Hz depending on the type.


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